Qin Qian and Erhu


Welcome to my website. I am Qin Qian (覃茜). and the instrument in my photo is called an erhu (二胡); pronouced Ar Hoo. On this website you will find information about me, the erhu, my teaching, my performances and the music I have written.
大家好!  我是覃茜。欢迎您来到我的网站! 在这里你会找到关于我的二胡教学、表演和音乐、文学创作的相关信息。

Please click on the several menu items to browse my website. If you would like more information or schedule a lesson or performance, please use the contact form. I will return a response promptly.
请点击菜单栏中的几个项目来浏览我的网站。 如果您想了解更多信息,比如:安排课程或表演,请使用联系表格, 我会及时回复。

Thank you for visiting my website.